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Craig's 36th Birthday weekend.   

Friday night he was picked up for a birthday dinner with the woman he was subbing to at the time.  She had him wear his green flight suit and  our hood, and she had camera and a few other things.   A little weird for a simple dinner date.  

What he didn't know was that this was the first part of a weekend-long birthday BDSM excursion involving 13 different dominants/tops in 11 different venues, along with various drivers and photographers.   At each point on the way there was a package from me containing whatever he'd need at that stop, plus a gift, plus a note from me.

It culminated in his getting his PA (on closed circuit TV AND on internet broadcast).  Then there being a big, catered party where all the folks involved in the weekend came to celebrate him.   It was pretty awesome.  The photos in this album don't really cover it.  But they give you an idea.

By the way, none of these photographs were by me - although they were all taken with our camera.   I wasn't in the room for any of this stuff.